Program Details

The 15-week exchange program from September to December 2011 is composed of a seminar and practicum. In addition, participants will have opportunities and are encouraged to engage in cultural activities and exploration of France.  Participants are required to attend a 3-day orientation at the University of Akron in the Summer of 2011, in preparation for the exchange program.

The SeminarSnowy Paris

Participants attend a daily seminar providing French language courses, an introduction to the French educational system examining history, language, culture, politics and educational topics relating to program goals during the initial three weeks.

The Practicum

For the remainder of the program, participants work with mentor teachers and take on the responsibility of instructing and managing classes in their respective disciplines.  Additional time will be spent observing and interacting with students.  Instruction will be in European/International Sections and given in English.  Teachers-in-training may be asked to supplement their classroom activities by organizing conversational workshops at their host institutions, up to a total workload of twelve hours per week. They are also expected to complete a research project and present a final report.

Financial Support

Airfare to and housing in France are provided as well as a stipend for living expenses.  Travel to and accommodations in Akron are also provided.  Health insurance while in France is provided through the Department of State’s Accident and Sickness Program for Exchanges (ASPE).