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Blended Workshop Offerings!

The Third Grade Reading Guarantee Law (ORC 3313.608) requires that all students are reading at grade level by the third grade. It also established new credentials that are required for any teacher providing the daily reading instruction for students affected by the Third Grade Reading Guarantee. One option for acquiring a set of approved credentials will be a passing score on a rigorous test of principles of scientifically research-based reading instruction, Praxis 5203 Teaching Reading: Elementary Education with a qualifying score of 162.

The University of Akron Center for Literacy’s Revisiting the Fundamentals of Reading preparation blended workshop:

  • Provides Ohio elementary teachers with personalized, flexible blended test preparation learning opportunities that meet their unique needs;
  • Gives practicing teachers the confidence and requisite knowledge they need to be successful on test day and beyond;
  • Features online modules and face-to-face sessions that are designed to prepare teachers to review the main concepts listed on the Praxis 5203 Teaching Reading: Elementary Education test

Revisiting the Fundamentals of Reading utilizes a supportive learning design that makes it easy for elementary teachers to move through the blended test prep workshop, focusing on what is most essential while accommodating teacher's busy schedules. 

Blended Workshop Details

Fall 2015 Cohort
Test Dates: 1/04/2014-1/16/2016

Face-to-Face Meetings

  • 10/12/2015 from 4-6pm Room 107
  • 11/09/2015 from 4-6pm Room 106
  • 12/07/2015 from 4-6pm Room 203

All Face-to-Face sessions are held at the Akron Public Schools Ott Building.


Features and Benefits

"The test was not a surprise thanks to this class. It was what I expected after taking  Revisiting the Fundamentals of Reading" - Grade 3 Teacher, Akron

"I scored a 193! (On the Praxis 5203) I'm very excited and thankful I took your prepared me well!" - Title 1 Tutor, Akron


  • Participants can conveniently attend face-to-face sessions at The University of Akron’s main campus or at school-based sites with enrollment of 25 or more.

Interactive Online Content

  • Targeted & intense content knowledge for elementary teachers in Assessment and Diagnostic Teaching of Reading, Reading Development and Writing In Support of Reading.

Knowledgeable Instructors

  • Center for Literacy instructors are current or former classroom teachers or professors who have direct experience with classroom and online instruction and professional development. All of our instructors have a master’s or Ph.D. in their respective discipline.

Practice Tests

  • Practice tests provide opportunities to determine teacher comfort level with Praxis 5203 subject areas.

To learn more about how the Center for Literacy can help elementary teachers meet the requirements of the Third Grade Reading Guarantee, contact us at

Passing this blended graduate workshop is in no way assurance of passage of the PRAXIS 5203 test.

Frequently Asked Questions

In a different model from the traditional workshop, participants in our blended workshops meet face-to-face for a portion of the time and follow that up by interacting over a continuous eight-week period within a research-based professional learning community. Each workshop community is between 20-35 educators. Guided by an experienced workshop facilitator, educators complete bite-sized tasks in face-to-face and online learning experiences that are structured to encourage collaboration. Our blended workshops are highly scaffolded to ensure that teachers who may not be the most experienced with online learning are successful. Blended workshops are a great way to gain hands-on experience in 21st teaching and learning AND a focus on the content selected.

Yes, the face-to-face meetings are scheduled events. The face-to-face meetings are usually held on the campus of The University of Akron or at a school-based site. Attendance at the face-to-face meeting is mandatory. Before registering, make sure your schedule is clear for the face-to-face meeting date.

No, there are no scheduled meeting times for the online portion. Each blended workshop consists of a significant amount of online work. We don't require you be online on any particular day, or time of day. This part of the workshop is asynchronous, which means that participants never have to coordinate being online at the same time. Work from school or from home, whichever is best. But it is essential that you complete the weekly to-do list for each week.

Each workshop is equal to twelve and a half contact hours of participation in an organized continuing education experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction, and qualified instruction. Upon completion of a workshop, each participant is issued a certificate of participation from The University of Akron College of Education.

The University of Akron, through the College of Education, provides graduate credit for Center for Literacy Blended Workshops for an additional fee of $150 per credit hour.

For more information, contact Theresa Morrison:
Phone: (330) 972-5055

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