My teaching identity:  Inspiration takes many forms

Diverse togetherStudents in Dr. Renee Mudrey-Camino’s Introduction to Education and Education Psychology courses had a hands-on learning and growing activity for Summer I.
Both classes were asked to develop two projects and participate in an Art Walk for their culmination project. First, they were to create a Teacher Identity Box reflecting their developing identity as an educator. Mudrey-Camino asked the students to reflect upon what inspired them to teach and what will sustain them in teaching. They were also asked to reflect upon that which is most important to them in becoming excellent teachers (role of family, motivation, etc.). Students took to the task seriously, creating boxes that were colorful, insightful and truly reflected their learning experiences and future teaching ideals.
Secondly, students were to represent their developing philosophy of teaching through clay sculpture. In the sculptures, they had to include items that they have learned so far in COE classes. From free-form clay sculptures to intricately designed cities, the students again rose to the task.  See the photo gallery of the students' creations below!

“My students’ dedication and promise to bettering the future of our children has inspired me. It is amazing that I have been in this field for nearly 18 years but every so often I feel young, vibrant and like I just started teaching,” says Mudrey-Camino.

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