Calculating Your GPA

The total number of accumulative college credit hours refers to a total of those semester hours the applicant has completed as of the last full semester of attendance. It does not include any hours for which the student is registered during the semester the student teaching application is submitted. The Grade Point Average can be secured from the grade report the student received at the end of the last full semester of attendance.

The total number of credit hours in your major refers to all courses taken in your major teaching field, EXCLUDING all Core Courses (5050).

To compute your Grade Point Average in your major teaching field:

Multiply the credit hours of the course by the grade in each course

A   = 4.00
A-  = 3.70

B+ = 3.3
B   = 3.00
B-  = 2.70

C+ = 2.30
C = 2.00
C- = 1.70

D+ = 1.30
D = 1.00
D- = 0.70
F = 0.00

Divide the total by the total credit hours to get your grade point average in your major teaching field.