Ohio Licensure Exams and Applications

Teacher Licenses are regulated by state-level agencies. Licensure applicants must meet all University of Akron degree requirements and follow all procedures of the state agency from which licensure is sought. In Ohio, the Ohio Department of Education serves as the licensing agency. 

If your University of Akron educator preparation program leads a State of Ohio Teaching License, you must apply for your license after you have completed all program requirements, completed edTPA, undergone a criminal background check, and passed the required state licensure examinations.

Licensure Exam Information

The State of Ohio recognizes that high-quality teachers are developed through high-quality educator preparation programs.

Ohio Assessment for Educators (OAE)

Ohio Assessment for Educator exams are required for teacher licensure in Ohio. The OAE assess the content-area and pedagogical knowledge of candidates who are seeking initial Ohio educator licensure or adding a new licensure area. The OAEs are aligned with Ohio Academic Content Standards and Common Core State Standards.

To be eligible to student teach, University of Akron candidates are required to submit passing scores on all content area OAEs. Passing scores on all pedagogical OAEs are required before applying for initial licensure. The link below maps each Ohio licensure type to its corresponding assessment in the OAE: Initial Licensure program.

If you are not sure which tests you need to take for your initial licensure area, please contact your faculty advisor.

Scheduling your OAE

Visit the Ohio Assessment for Educators website for registration, test dates, study guides, and test materials.

Licensure Application Information

Requests for all new credentials must be completed online through the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) website. Information regarding the online application process can be found at http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/Teaching/Educator-Licensure.

Apply online at https://safe.ode.state.oh.us/portal.

After visiting the ODE website, if you still have questions regarding the online application process, please contact Dr. Marty Saternow.

Other Helpful Links

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