What is Expected of a Mentor Teacher?

To assist you in mentoring your student teacher.

Task Expectations Check
Welcome the student teacher to your school. Introduce him or her to your students, other faculty members, and support staff. Give student a tour of the classroom and school. Explain school policies and procedures regarding such things as signing in and out of the building, the time they are expected to report to school, the time their day ends, computer use, use of copy room services, etc.
Discuss daily schedules, routines, and duties. Share your teaching responsibilities with the student teacher, exchange personal phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Discuss appropriate dress code, attendance, and professional behavior in and out of school. 
Provide dates and times of other teaching responsibilities (Open House, faculty meetings, department/grade level meetings, parent/teacher conferences.)  These are expectations of the student teaching experience.
Work with the student teacher to determine a schedule for assuming teaching responsibilities.  
Provide the student with the course of study objectives (standards, pacing guide, etc.), textbooks and resources that relate to the content he/she will be teaching.  Discuss long- and short-term student learning goals for the student teacher's experience.
Support your student teacher in developing skills in planning, instruction, and classroom management.  Share your own experiences, ideas,beliefs, and management procedures to help the student to gain classroom confidence.
Encourage your student teacher to reflect on each lesson to gain further insights from his/her successes and challenges.
Set up a specific time/day you would like lesson plans for your review.  Make sure this gives the student teacher ample time to modify accordingly.
Communicate regularly with the university supervisor.  It is of benefit to the student teacher when the whole team is in regular communication.
Collaborate with the University Supervisor on a midterm and final evaluation.