Skills Tested on the Computer Literacy Assessment

Skills Tested

The Computer Literacy Assessment is given on PC computers running Windows 7 and Macintoshes running OS X Lion.  It is suggested that you familiarize yourself with these operating systems, as well as Office 2011 for Macintosh or Office 2010 for PC prior to attempting the assessment.

Skills that may be tested include (but are not limited to): Student at the computer

File Manipulation

  • Make basic file changes (name, location)
  • Create new files
  • Save files to designated locations

Word Processing Skills

  • Edit a document as directed, including margins, paragraphs, fonts, bullets, spelling, etc.
  • Change individual paragraph and entire document’s settings and margins
  • Save a Word file to a designated location

Excel Skills

  • Delete existing and create new content in a pre-existing Excel file
  • Use basic Excel functions to change or create data
  • Use formatting tools to change appearance of data
  • Create and edit charts or graphs for use in Excel and other programs

Power Point Skills

  • Add new slides and content to a new PowerPoint presentation
  • Change the background of existing slides
  • Add content from other programs to a PowerPoint presentation

Internet Skills

  • Perform a search and use results in other programs
  • Download content from the internet to a specified folder

E-Mail Skills

  • Use an existing e-mail account to compose and send a message
  • Attach content from the Computer Literacy Test to a message
  • Reply to an email outside of the test time and area

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