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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I subscribe to Tk20?

The fee for currently enrolled College of Education students who have not previously purchased a Tk20 subscription is included on tuition bills issued by the Registrar's Office. This is a one-time $100 fee and will not need to be renewed throughout your undergraduate and/or graduate career at The University of Akron.  It is clearly identified as Tk20 Portfolio Fee.

If you were recently admitted to the College of Education (for example, middle of the semester), you have not yet been charged for Tk20.  If you need to submit to Tk20 for the current semester, and need to purchase it click the green button at the top of this page then follow the link in the lower left corner of the page.  

Be sure to check your tuition bill before purchasing it in this manner!!  Once you have purchased a subscription, we will activate your account and login information will be sent to you.

Either way, this subscription is portable--if you transfer to another academic institution that uses Tk20 you will not need to repurchase your subscription.

How do I get my Username and Password?

You will receive your username and password within the first 6 weeks of the new semester. It will be sent to your UA email account. Please keep in mind that UA email addresses include the word "zips" (example:

If you have your UA email forwarded to an alternative email (such as aol, yahoo, gmail), please check your SPAM filters; sometimes Tk20 email is routed somewhere other than your Inbox.  If you need your login information resent to you, please submit a help request.

When should I log in?

It is very important that you log in as soon as you receive your username and password to ensure that they are working and your course(s) and assignment(s) appear.   If your user name and password do not work, or your courses do not appear, please submit a help request.

I forgot my username or password.  How can I get access?

Go to the Tk20 log in page and click on the Forgot your username or password? link in the upper left of the page.

How do I submit my assignment using the Artifact Wizard?

What if I upload the wrong artifact?  Can I delete it?

I uploaded an assignment to the wrong folder. How do I recall an assignment?

It is possible to recall the submitted assignments.
  1. Go to the "Courses" tab.
  2. Click "Assignments" in the side menu.
  3. Place a check mark corresponding to the assignments which you would like to recall.
  4. Click the "recall" button located under the label "Assignments."

If you need to make changes within the assignment, you can do that now and re-submit it for assessment.

Download a job aid

Note: Only those assignments which have not been assessed or saved by the assessor(s) can be recalled.

How do I check my grades for my assignments and find the rubrics in Tk20?

How do I get additional help?

How do I get announcements?

All announcements and communications will be sent to your university email account. It is very important that you check your university email account frequently to ensure important communications are not overlooked.

Why didn't I get my email from Tk20?

Please check your SPAM folder to ensure Tk20 email is not being routed there.  If you need your login information resent to you, please submit a help request.

What is Tk20?

Tk20 is an online artifact assessment program used to collect students’ key assessments.

Who uses Tk20?

Undergraduate and graduate students admitted to College of Education professional education programs with identified key assessments. A list of programs with the Tk20 requirement can be found here.

What is the purpose of Tk20?

The professional education programs in the College of Education are accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). The accreditation process requires us to maintain a comprehensive assessment system to analyze student performance data and to engage in continuous improvement. To help us in this effort, the College has purchased Tk20 Campus Tools for Higher Education, a comprehensive system for outcomes-based assessment, accountability and reporting. In addition to the fee paid by the College, students enrolled in the identified professional education programs are required to subscribe to Tk20.