Dr. Sandra C. Coyner

Sandra C. Coyner Ed.D.

Educational Foundations & Leadership


Refereed Journals and Publications

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Book Chapters

  1. Broadway, F. S., Coyner, S. C., Foos, A., McConnell, D. A. & Owens, K. (2005). The 3C Model: Teacher education collaboration across colleges and universities. In S. Wagner & S. P. Meiring (Eds.). The story of SUSTAIN:  Models of reform in mathematics and science teacher education (pp. 7-23). Columbus:  Ohio Resource Center for Mathematics, Science. 

Under Review

  1. Razek, N. & Coyner, S. C. (Under review). Impact of self-efficacy of a new campus student group, Academic Exchange Quarterly.
  2. Razek, N. & Coyner, S. C. (Under review). Cultural impacts on Saudi students at an American university, Studies in Higher Education.