The Woodrow Wilson Ohio Teaching Fellowships

2014-15 Woodrow Wilson Fellows

Guiding Postulates and Overall Goals

The Ohio Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship has two guiding postulates and four program goals.  In addition, the Fellows have six goals.

Guiding Postulates

  • The K-12 learner and his/her achievement is our first priority.
  • The program is to be a transformative agent: for fellows, higher ed faculty, K-12 teachers, and K-12 schools.

Program Goals

  • Understanding the preparation of teachers for an urban setting
  • Privileging certain instructional methods such as PBL
  • Affecting curricular and instructional change (at the university level) and within (K-12 teachers, settings)
  • Applying the use of co-teaching as the professional development model of Fellows, teachers, and professors.

Fellow Goals

  • Knowing the nature of urban children
    • in the context of their community
    • and knowing how they learn
  • Demonstrate knowledge of various instructional (content-based and pedagogical-based)
    • technologies
    • strategies
    • models
  • Experience and demonstrate the PBL model
  • Revisit, rethink, and augment content in the context of the urban community and the PBL pedagogical model
  • Engage in self-reflective research
  • Engage in life-long learning in respect to curriculum and pedagogy