We regret that due to COVID-19, the English Language Institute will not be enrolling students, offering tutoring, or conducting U-ADEPT testing until January 2022, at the earliest.

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English for Academic Purposes Program

Students in the EAP program come from all over the world. Many are international students on F-1 student visas; some are U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

About the program

Full-time students in the EAP Program attend 20 hours of noncredit classes each week for 15 weeks in the Fall and Spring semesters. Part-time classes are offered during the 8-week summer session.

The ELI's English for Academic Purposes Program (EAP) serves two groups of people:

  • Students who are preparing to enroll in a university degree program in the United States
  • People who desire an intensive approach to language learning

EAP Courses

Four courses:

  1. Reading
  2. Writing
  3. Speaking and Listening
  4. Grammar

These courses are offered at three different levels:

  1. Intermediate
  2. High intermediate
  3. Advanced

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EAP Schedules

Three different EAP sessions are scheduled each year according to The University of Akron academic calendar.

  • The 15-week Fall semester begins in late August or early September
  • The 15-week Spring semester begins in January
  • The 8-week Summer session begins in June

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Application Procedures

The University of Akron operates on a rolling admissions basis. You will receive your admission decision after ALL applications materials have been received.

Applicants for Fall 2020 and beyond are required to provide proof of English level. Minimum requirements for admission are:

  • TOEFL: 40
  • IELTS: 5.0
  • Duolingo: 70

How to Apply:

Application Deadlines

If you need to obtain an F-1 student visa:

  • To begin in the fall semester apply by May 1
  • To begin in the spring semester apply by November 15

If you do not need to apply for an F-1 visa because you are already in the U.S. or who will enter the U.S. in another status, you may apply up to two weeks before the first day of the semester start date listed on The University of Akron’s Academic Calendar.

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Tuition, fees and estimated expenses

The amount for tuition covers instructional costs and fees. We provide you a breakdown of expenses, including estimated living expenses for Akron, Ohio.

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Applying for admission to academic programs

Students interested in pursuing a degree following their completion of the EAP program can apply for admission before or after applying for the EAP program. Qualified students that apply to The University of Akron prior to applying to the EAP program will receive conditional admission. Upon successful completion of the EAP program and providing valid proof of English proficiency, students with conditional admission can begin coursework at the start of the next semester.

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Comments from ELI Graduates

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Some of these students attended The University of Akron after completing their ELI coursework; others returned to their home countries, where they now have successful careers; others live and work in the Akron area.