Declaration and Certification of Finances

The U.S. Government requires the ELI to obtain written proof that students on non-immigrant visas will have enough money available to study in the United States. Therefore, you or your sponsor(s) must complete this form and return it to the ELI before we can issue you an immigration document (an I-20A-B).

Read all the pages of this form carefully. Then fill out this form on your computer. Be sure to complete all the parts of the form. Print the completed form from your computer and mail it to the ELI with your application, your $50.00 application fee, and your bank letter. (See below for details about the bank letter.) The ELI must have the ORIGINAL of this DCF form and your bank letter. Do not fax or photocopy this form.


To determine how much money one student needs for a semester in the ELI and in Akron, we add together the fixed costs for tuition and fees and the estimated costs for living expenses (housing and food), health insurance, books, and other expenses. The table below lists these fixed expenses and estimates.

Some students might spend more than these amounts each semester; other students might spend less. All students must provide written proof of having at least this much money available for one semester in the ELI. You may not need to use all of this money, but you must prove that it is available.


(15 weeks)

(15 weeks) 
(8 weeks) 
(instruction, activities, academic advising, student
ID card, and use of all University of Akron facilities.)
$4,800 $4,800 $2,880
Materials Fee
(course handouts and computer lab fee)
$50 $50 $40

Living Expenses
(estimate for housing and food)

$3900 $4,350 $2470

Health Insurance
(estimate; subject to change)

for Fall only 
for both Spring and Summer 
for Summer Only 
$200 $200 $200

Personal Expenses
(estimate for clothing, entertainment, etc.) 

$1,125 $1,125 $600
Total Estimated Expenses $10,528 $11,253 $6,488

PLEASE NOTE: ELI tuition and fees and the cost for mandatory health insurance are subject to change without notice. These fees must be paid in full at the time of registration. The registration period is the week before each semester begins. Payment for tuition must be made in the form of a personal check from a U.S. bank, a money order, or travelers' checks. Your materials fee and other expenses can be paid by a credit card (VISA, Mastercard, or Discover) or by a personal check from a U.S. bank, a money order, or travelers' checks. Students who pay after the registration period will be charged a $50.00 late fee.

PLEASE NOTE: The fixed expenses and estimates above do NOT include the fee for the use of the Student Recreation Center. Students who wish to use the Recreation Center will have to pay a membership fee when they arrive in Akron.


If you plan to travel to the U.S. with a spouse (wife or husband) and/or children, the Declaration and Certification of Finances (DCF) and the bank letter must show that you have enough money to cover their living expenses while they are in the U.S. with you. These living expenses include food and personal purchases such as clothing and entertainment. Refer to the chart below for the amounts for a spouse and each child.

Please Note: Health insurance is not required for dependents of F-1 students. However, you are strongly advised to buy health insurance policies for your spouse and children while they are here. Medical costs in the U.S. are very high, and if you do not have insurance for everyone in your family, you will have to pay by yourself.

Expenses for Dependents

(15 weeks) 

(15 weeks) 
(8 weeks) 
Living Expenses
(estimate for food, clothing 
and entertainment)
Spouse = $4,358

Each child = $2,968
Spouse = $5,045

Each child = $3,450
Spouse = $2,464

Each child = $1,681

For us to issue you immigration documents, 

  1. the person responsible for your expenses (your sponsor) must sign this form. By signing, he or she agrees to be financially responsible for you for the amounts listed above for the semester in which you begin your ELI studies. If you travel to the U.S. with a spouse (husband or wife) and/or children, your sponsor must agree to be responsible for the additional amount listed for each dependent. 
  2. your sponsor must provide us with an official bank letter proving that he or she has the specified amount of money available. If your family members come with you, the letter must show the additional amounts for them. 
  3. the bank letter must:
    • be in English.
    • be signed and certified by a bank official.
    • show the amount of money in the bank account in local currency.
    • be an original document, not a fax or photocopy.
    • show that the sponsor has enough money available for the semester that the student wishes to begin plus additional funds for any dependents who will travel with the student.


  1. If your sponsor (the person who will pay for your studies) is a family member or another private individual, this person must sign the form. He or she must also attach to the form an official letter from the bank which shows that the sponsor is financially able to pay for at least one session of the ELI. The bank letter must be in English and have an official signature. The bank letter must be an original and cannot be faxed. 

  2. If you are your own sponsor (if you are paying for your studies), you must sign this form and also attach an official letter from your bank. The letter must show that you are financially able to pay for at least one session of the ELI. The bank letter must be in English and have an official signature. 

  3. If you have a scholarship, you must ask the agency, business, or company which is giving you the scholarship to send a letter to the ELI stating the terms of your scholarship. The letter must be on official letterhead paper with the full address, phone/fax numbers, and e-mail address of the sponsor. The letter must be signed by an official of the agency, business, or company which is giving you the scholarship.