Community engagement at The University of Akron

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Looking to host an event at UA? Collaborate on a research project? Explore a partnership? You are in the right place!

Anne Hanson, The University of Akron

"My job is to work with community organizations, businesses and others to create more opportunities for the University to better serve and support our region.

"Please reach out to me so we can talk about potential partnerships that will mutually benefit both of us and the community at large."

Director of Community Relations and Engagement
The University of Akron

A university deeply rooted in its communities

Since its inception, The University of Akron has valued its partnerships.

The University strives to strengthen the innovative collaborations and partnerships across educational, industrial, community and government entities that can generate collective impact. Additionally, the University was awarded the distinct designation of Community Engagement Classification from the Carnegie Foundation in 2015. The Carnegie Classification is supported by the strength of our partnerships culture.

The University of Akron is deeply rooted in our communities and we are more robust and unique because of our diverse services and partnerships. We value existing innovative and strategic partnerships and are excited about the opportunity to create and facilitate many new partnerships.

We encourage your active involvement and engagement with our campus so that we may continue to connect the university regionally, nationally and globally.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if can we serve you in any way.

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