Doctoral Degree Curriculum

The Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering is an interdisciplinary doctoral program offered on a collegiate basis; however, when applying, a student must indicate BME as their primary discipline. The interdisciplinary program provides an engineering doctoral degree, which expands and enhances the student base, stabilizes the critical number of participating faculty, and expands the academic resources available for the doctoral program. A doctoral student must complete 96 credit hours of combined coursework and research credits as specified in their individualized Plan of Study.

MD/Ph.D. degree in conjunction with NEOMED

The College of Engineering and NEOMED provide a coordinated program for those desiring both the M.D. and Ph.D. in Engineering degrees. This program integrates the knowledge and skills acquired by the student in each of the programs. Each individual coordinated degree program is tailored to suit the background and research interests of the student. Admission requirements must be met for both programs. To obtain an M.D. degree from NEOMED and a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Engineering, the student must satisfy NEOMED’s degree requirements and the College of Engineering’s Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering Degree Requirements. This coordinated program does not change the degree requirements for either program.

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Engineering Applied Mathematics Doctoral Program

This is a coordinated program between the College of Engineering and the Department of Theoretical and Applied Mathematics. It is designed to train students in the formulation, analysis, and solution of mathematical models in a variety of application areas. It also emphasizes interdisciplinary research and teamwork. The program addresses the State and Regional needs for students with advanced training in interdisciplinary research, and prepares students for employment in government agencies, industry, and universities.