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October 27th - 28th, 2016


Submission Deadline: October 11, 2016

Heal Ohio is a multidisciplinary scientific conference. Abstracts are invited from students and recent graduates in all areas of scientific research focused on wound care.

Please follow the 2106 Heal Ohio Conference - Abstract Template provided.

Once prepared, please submit the abstract as a PDF file to, with “ABSTRACT SUBMISSION” in all CAPS in the subject line.

Presenter Information:

All presenters: please keep in mind that the 2016 Heal Ohio Conference audience comes from a variety of disciplines – engineering, biology, exercise science, materials science, etc., so be sure to provide the context and broader perspective of your work, and remember to explain any terminology or concepts that are very specific to your field.

Poster Presentations:

Please prepare a poster with a maximum size of 48 inches wide by 36 inches tall.  You should put your poster up in the poster viewing area before the conference starts (during the registration time).

Rapid Fire Presentations

What are Rapid Fire Presentations? Rapid Fire-style presentations have become a popular means of sharing ideas. This presentation style has a number of names with slight variations in format, including: Pechu Kucha, Ignite Talk, Lightning Round, and Speedy Presentation. Essentially, each presenter has only five minutes to succinctly share the essence of their research, and to encourage listeners to go up to their poster during the Poster Session that follows. All poster presenters will be eligible to introduce their research to the audience during the hour-long rapid fire session. You will have the option to use one PowerPoint slide as a background, that will include your poster number for the audience to see.