Welcome to the Department of Biomedical Engineering!

Whether you are a student, an engineer, a biomedical researcher, a clinician, an entrepreneur, or someone who is involved with any aspect of biomedical innovation, I encourage you to engage our department as we strive to find engineering solutions to medical problems and educate the next generation of biomedical engineers. Our faculty and students perform funded research to:

  • Understand mechanisms of disease,
  • Develop improved technologies for diagnosing or treating disease, and
  • Regenerate functional tissue using material and environmental mimicry. 

Progress in each of these areas fuels the rapid expansion of our region’s biomedical sector. 

Northeast Ohio is considered to be a top region in the US in the healthcare and medical research sectors. Due in no small part to our region’s research and clinical strengths, and a broad existing biomedical industry, Northeast Ohio has become a major center of healthcare innovation and commercialization.  An important advance in this regard was the University of Akron partnering with other leading institutions in the region to create the Austen BioInnovation Institute in Akron in 2009. Through this collective effort we are committed to building on our rich history of medical innovation, examples of which include:

  • In 1974, Drs. Howard Igel and Aaron Freeman successfully grew human skin in a lab to treat burn victims, making Akron Children's Hospital the first hospital in the world to achieve such a feat. 
  • In 2004, the FDA approved a drug-eluting stent with a coating that had been invented by University of Akron researchers and became a key treatment option for patients with blocked coronary arteries.

Graduating from the University of Akron provides our students with all the tools necessary to make new discoveries, advance scientific knowledge, and create technologies to revolutionize the healthcare system. Graduate students are particularly exposed to entrepreneurial activities, and several have built companies during their time at UA. Our outstanding faculty, comprehensive curriculum, and a variety of co-op opportunities result in our students being highly recruited by both the academic and industrial sectors.


If you have questions, begin by exploring our website, which has links to our curriculum, our faculty’s research, and announcements pertaining to our department’s achievements. Then I recommend that you schedule an on campus visit to see our teaching facilities and to talk with our students. Thank you for your interest!



Dr. Rebecca Kuntz Willits

Professor and Interim Department Chairperson