Core Faculty

Rouzbeh Amini
Assistant Professor
Research: Experimental and computational multi-scale biomechanics in ocular, cardiovascular, and vaginal tissues

Brian L. Davis
Chair and Professor
Research: Biomechanics, medical instrumentation, diabetic foot ulceration, medical device design, rehabilitation engineering, gait analysis, Finite element modeling, Orthopedics, soft and hard tissue mechanics

James Keszenheimer
Visiting Design Instructor
Research Interests: Development and commercialization of biomedical instrumentation, medical device design, lasers and optical devices, spectroscopic techniques, sensor fusion, MEMS, and Optical Coherence Tomography

Yang Liu
Assistant Professor
Research: Optical instrumentation, translational research, intraoperative imaging, image-guided surgery, telemedicine, molecular imaging, and cost-effective medical devices

Dale H. Mugler

Research: Biomedical Signal and Image Processing with special emphasis on computational methods for MRI and CT

Marnie Saunders

Associate Professor
Research: Orthopaedic biomechanics and bone cell mechanobiology

Hossein Tavana
Assistant Professor
Research: Develop novel microtechnologies to study cancer metastasis, respiratory drug delivery, and stem cells differentiation

Mary C. Verstraete
Associate Professor and Associate Chair for Biomedical Engineering (Undergraduate)
Research: Dynamic analysis of human movement (motion, force & EMG) for clinical and sports applications; Design processes for medical devices

Rebecca Kuntz Willits
Margaret F. Donovan Endowed Chair, Associate Professor and Associate Chair for Biomedical Engineering (Graduate)
Research: Synthesis and characterization of scaffolds for tissue engineering, stem cells, and drug delivery; electrical stimulation for regenerative medicine

Bing Yu
Assistant Professor
Research: Optical spectroscopy and imaging for cancer diagnostics and therapeutics, miniature and cost-effective optical devices for global health, tumor cycling hypoxia and metastasis, optical biopsy, and biophotonics sensors

Yang H. Yun
Associate Professor
Research: Innovations in nanotechnology and nanomedicine to develop advanced therapeutics for cancer, cardiovascular disorders, and infectious diseases

Ge (Christie) Zhang
Assistant Professor
Research: Cues to direct vascular and neuronal differentiation from stem cells; interaction between the vascular and nervous system; tissue engineering strategies to treat various cardiovascular diseases and neurological disorders

Joint Faculty

Matthew Becker
Associate Professor
Research: Synthesis of macromolecular materials, which stimulate and influence cell functions including proliferation, differentiation and internalization. 

Nic D. Leipzig

Assistant Professor
Research: Tissue engineering; hydrogel biomaterial scaffolds; adult stem cells; recombinant protein design and production; mechanobiology

Francis Loth
F. Theodore Harrington Associate Professor
Research: Medical diagnostics, image processing, pattern recognition, nanophotonics, bioinspired sensors, optical diffused reflectance, miniaturization of clinical devices, molecular imaging

Ajay Mahajan
Associate Dean for Research

Research: Biomedical devices and instrumentation (spine, urology); ultrasonics, robotics and controls; intelligent systems; sensors

Jiang Zhe
Research: MEMS/NEMS and lab-on-a-chip devices, including micro/nano scale devices for bio-related applications, microfluidics and nanofuidics, smart materials and structures, and micro/nano actuators for bio applications, and novel micro/nano fabrication


Richard Mostardi
Narender P. Reddy
Stanley E. Rittgers
Daniel B. Sheffer
Bruce Taylor


Visar Berki
Research Technician

Carin Helfer
Senior Research Scientist 

Charlotte A. LaBelle
Administrative Assistant 

Stephen Paterson
Engineering Technician Sr.