Dr. Hossein Tavana

Dr. Hossein Tavana

Title: Associate Professor
Dept/Program: Biomedical Engineering
Office: Olson Research Center 301F
Phone: 330-972-6031
Fax: 330-972-8834
Email: tavana@uakron.edu
Website: https://tavana.uakron.edu


Dr. Tavana received his PhD (2006) in Mechanical Engineering from University of Toronto where he studied interfacial tensions and contact angles of polymer films-fluid systems. His work led to a prestigious postdoctoral fellowship. Dr. Tavana joined the Biomedical Engineering department of the University of Michigan as a postdoctoral fellow in 2007 and developed novel microtechnologies that enable in vitro studies of cells in physiologic microenvironments. He joined the Biomedical Engineering department of The University of Akron in 2010 as an Assistant Professor. He currently directs the Biofluid Microtechnology laboratory.

Research Accomplishments

Dr. Tavana’s research interest is to develop novel microtechnologies to enable studies of normal physiologic and pathologic events. His interdisciplinary research span several areas: vascularized tissue engineering using a “bottom-up” cell printing approach, high-throughput screening of migration of cancer cells and testing the efficacy of migration inhibiting drugs, non-contact printing of multicellular embryonic stem cells differentiation niches, microfluidic tissue engineering, and interfacial properties of biological systems. Dr. Tavana has published original research articles, review papers, and several book chapters in these areas. His publications have appeared in fundamental physical sciences journals as well as in high impact interdisciplinary journals such as Nature Materials, Nature Physics, Advanced Materials, and Lab on a Chip. His work has led to two US patents.


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US Patents

S. Takayama, H. Tavana, A. Jovic, B. Mosadegh, “Solution microarrays”, application# 61094560.

S. Takayama, H. Tavana, A. Simon, “Dehydrated aqueous two phase systems”, Filed with the University of Michigan Technology Transfer Office# 4642.


Ph.D., University of Toronto, ON, Canada (2006); M.A.Sc., K.N. T. University of Technology, Tehran, Iran (1999); B.Sc., Tabriz University, Tabriz, Iran (1996)