STLE Tribology Frontiers Conference, Oct 2014, Chicago, IL
G. Doll, et al., “Effects of Novel Additives and Tribological Coatings on the Fretting Wear of Slewing Ring Bearings in Wind Turbine Pitch and Yaw Systems
Babak LotfizadehDehkordi, et al., “Anomalous Pressure- and Temperature-Dependent Increase in the Viscosity Lubricants with Polymer Additives
Behzad Mahmoudi, et al., “Mitigating Micropitting Wear in Roller Bearings with a WC/a-C:H Coating
Harpal Singh, et al., “Microstructure and Tribological Performance of Magnetron Sputtered Ti-MoS2 Coatings in Rolling and Sliding Contact

TESL students presented their research at STLE 2014 conference, FL.
Congratulation to Harpal (2nd) and Behzad (3rd) for receiving best poster awards!

Henrietta Deny Wins Student Employee of the Year Award 2014. Congratulation Henrietta!

TESL students presented their work at The University of Akron Student Innovation Symposium (UASIS), April 10, 2014.

Harpal Singh, PhD student at Mechanical Engineering Department

Behzad Mahmoudi, PhD student at Civil Engineering Department

Babak LotfizadehDehkordi, PhD student at Mechanical Engineering Department