1.Lubrication strategies for Challenging Environment                       


 2.Compatibility of Tribological Coatings with Lubricant Additive Packages                  


3. Causes and Prevention of Micropitting in Bearings and Gears       


4. Wear Resistant and Solid Lubricant Coatings for Balls                    

5. Lubricant Properties at High Pressure










6. Effect of Grease Composition on  Fretting Wear                                                                                     


7. Renewable energy goes global – what is wrong with the wind turbines?                                       

8. WEA Generation in Bearing Steels                                                                                                       


9. Development and Analysis of Surface Treatments for Ti6Al4V


10. Effects of Topography, Microstructure, and Surface Chemistry on Stress Corrosion Cracking in 300M, 17-4PH, and AA7075-T6 Materials