Dr. William A. Arnold

Dr. William A. Arnold

Title: Associate Lecturer
Dept/Program: Civil Engineering
Phone: 330-972-6693
Fax: 330-972-6020
Email: warnold@uakron.edu



Solid interdisciplinary background including thermohydraulics, fluid dynamics, heat transfer, two-phase flow, nuclear engineering, test development, predictive testing, materials processing, material properties measurements and FEA.  Specific work experience includes pyrolysis, chemical analysis, and system design using fluorocarbon heat transfer fluids; FEA modeling of two-phase flows; analysis of heaters used in two-phase fluid boiling experiments; design and development of processing equipment and experimental facilities; design and analysis of space-based experiment combustion hardware, supercritical water oxidation; the initialization of new projects; development of new material fabrication techniques; combining implementation of experiments, physical models and numerical simulations to address heat transfer problems; the training and management of personnel and projects; and complex theoretical analyses.


Ph.D.   Interdisciplinary Engineering Science

           Clarkson University 1993       4.0 GPA

B.S.     Physics

           University of Akron 1990       3.9 GPA


09/06 – present   Principal Engineer, Thermohydraulics

   Babcock & Wilcox Power Generation Group

- Core thermohydraulic responsibilities center on numerical/analytical analyses, code development, dynamic stability, heat transfer relationships and pressure drop correlations.

- Project include coal-fired, nuclear (mPower™), and solar boilers

- Responsibilities also include team cross-training and student mentoring.

07/03 – present   Ad Hoc Temporary Graduate Faculty Member

   The University of Akron, Department of Civil Engineering

- Developed and initiated UA Nuclear Program.

- Teach nuclear courses.

- Consultant for ZIN Technologies via NASA agreement & funding.

- FEA analysis and experimental design of impacts involved in jet engine blade-out tests and NASA Gas Gun projectile experiments.

- Braided carbon fiber composite aging.

- Design, evaluation, optimization, & fabrication involving both NASA and University of Akron Gas Gun Experiments.

- Impact analyses of space experiments, pressure testing eqpt., etc.

11/07 – 11/09     Adjunct Faculty Member, School of Graduate Studies and Research

   Youngstown State University, Department of Mechanical Engineering

- Industry Committee Member & Research Advisor on graduate thesis.

10/04 – 9/06       Interdisciplinary Engineer/Scientist

09/03 – 10/04     Mechanical/Analyst Engineer

   ZIN Technologies, Inc. (NASA contractor)

- Thermal design, pyrolysis, thermal degradation, and chemical analysis of fluorocarbon fluids.

- Zero Boil-off Tank Experiment science lead for ZIN.  Research included evaluation of the effect of non-condensable gas (PVT).

- Thermal and structural modeling/mechanical design of many space experiments.

- Inventor and Project Lead: Transparent Temperature Control Chamber.  Included design, FEA analysis, and cost estimation.

- Analysis of bulk fluid heaters used in two-phase boiling experiments.

- Material compatibility programs for upcoming space experiments.

- FEA, non-dimensional analyses, & mechanical design of combustion hardware of space-based and earth-based microgravity combustion experiments.  Areas include flow separation, pyrolysis, mixing zones, filtration, steady state and transient analyses.  Two invention disclosures submitted.

- Supercritical Water Oxidation experiments and analysis.

- Cost estimation of experimental and modeling projects.

- Wrote a multitude of proposals to NASA, DOD, USAF and others. Included technical/management outline and cost analysis.

- Mentoring and training of junior engineers and students.

- Waste water purification including aeration of municipal systems and cutting-edge aerospace systems for space-based use.

11/96 – 09/03     Senior Research Physicist

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
- Performed fundamental materials science studies.
- Materials database GateKeeper.
- Used FEA to model physical test geometries.
- Wrote FE subroutines & custom solvers.

   - Designed experimental apparatuses and measurement techniques.

   - Developed predictive testing techniques.

01/00 – 05/02     Senior Lecturer, Part-time Faculty

The University of Akron, Department of Physics
- Taught “Physics For Life Sciences,” at night.

5/93 – 11/96       Research Scientist/Engineer

Case Western Reserve University – Stationed at NASA Lewis Research Center, Cleveland, OH
Co-investigator directing research for the NASA flight program DPIMS (Diffusion Processes In Molten Semiconductors). The program goal was to use the shear cell technique in a space experiment to measure diffusion coefficients of dopants in semiconductors.
Research highlights:
- Numerically modeled many shear cell experiments to determine
   science requirements for the space experiment.
- Developed a technique to fabricate brittle semiconductors.
- Modified and improved the design of an existing shear cell.
- Designed a physical model to simulate the effect of shearing on the
   fluid flow in both ground-based and microgravity shear cell
- Performed ground-based experiments to develop the flight shear cell.

8/90 – 5/93         Graduate Research Assistant

Clarkson UniversityNASA Lewis Research Center
(funded by the NASA Graduate Student Researchers Program)
Accomplishments and responsibilities included:
- Designed and build a large centrifuge (6 tons) for processing
   semiconductor crystals in high gravity.
- Wrote 4 papers (2 journal articles) and co-authored another.

12/86 – 8/90       Resident Research Associate

NASA Lewis Research Center, Microgravity Materials Science Laboratory (1 year was spent as a cooperative education student under Case Western Reserve University consortium, 2.7 years were full-time under University of Akron cooperative agreement)
Work focused on space experiments, specifically:
- Numerical modeling of phase transitions and fluid flow during
   crystal growth.

- Assisted in the development of crystal growth furnace hardware.
- Developed control algorithms used in furnace hardware and in
   ground-based material properties testing equipment.
- Performed ground-based fluid flow visualization experiments to
   simulate fluid flows and quantify mixing occurring in space


Journal Articles

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Book Publications

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Conference Proceedings / NASA Publications

1) Justin D. Littell, Wieslaw K. Binienda, William A. Arnold, Gary D. Roberts and Robert K. Goldberg, “Effect of Microscopic Damage Events on Static and Ballistic Impact Strength of Triaxial Braid Composites,” NASA/TM—2010-216095, March 2010.

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1)      Patent #7,788,965  “Portable friction testing device,” Sept 7, 2010

2)      Patent #6,522,980  “Method and algorithm for predicting leak rates,” Feb 18, 2003

3)      Patent #6,494,076  “Pendulum rolling resistant test,” Dec. 17, 2002

4)      Patent #6,393,897  “Accelerated leakage testing,”  May 28, 2002

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6)      Patent #6,233,093  “Temperature control for microscopy,”  May 15, 2001

7)      Trade Secrets:         7 total at The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

8)      Invention Disclosures:  7 at ZIN Technologies
                                          2 at The University of Akron