Grease Selection for Rolling Element Bearings

Date/Time: Thursday, November 7, 2013, 12-1 p.m.

Instructor: Dr. Paul Shiller, Professor, University of Akron

Overview: Due to their availability and ease of installation and maintenance, ball or roller bearings are widely used in a broad variety of machines and equipment. Consequently, design and maintenance personnel, as well as lubricant suppliers, are often confronted with need for some knowledge of their theory and application. Accordingly, this webinar will review the basics of grease selection from a basic evaluation to determine the best choice in viscosity and thickener to other application considerations that need to be addressed.  The webinar will then discuss some ideas of selecting greases based on current marketing literature.

The webinar will cover:
• Why bearings fail
• Why oils?
• Oil or Grease?
• Choosing an oil viscosity
• Choosing a base oil
• Choosing a thickener
• Other application considerations
• Sifting through the marketing information

Cost: $39 for members; $59 for non-members

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