The Center for Advanced Vehicles & Energy Systems

The University of Akron's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is actively involved in research related to energy management, electric drives, and inverter technologies for alternative energy applications. This research is part of the Center for Advanced Vehicles and Energy Systems (CAVES).

CAVES is committed to pioneering research to put highly energy efficient electric and hybrid vehicles on our nation’s roads and develop an infrastructure to support electrical transportation. The University of Akron has played a leading role in the support and advancement of these fields in the North East Ohio Region and beyond.

The skilled faculty and state-of-the-art facilities at the University of Akron's College of Engineering make the perfect environment for fostering new technology growth.

CAVES spans numerous research areas including:

  • Sensors

  • Energy Storage and Management

  • Power Electronics

  • Controls and Communications

  • Energy Scavenging

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    Much of the research conducted under CAVES is funded through the Wright Center for Sensor Systems Engineering (WCSSE). WCSSE addresses the opportunity to improve Ohio products using Ohio business and university resources.For more information on WCSSE-funded projects, see the funding page.

    The WCSSE mission is to facilitate growth of the resources that develop, commercialize and apply sensors and sensor systems. The goal is to achieve national visibility of clusters of sensor-related capabilities – R&D people and facilities in university and corporate settings, specialized development, manufacturing and testing facilities, and application capabilities that include companion products and services. The WCSSE vision is that Ohio is the “go-to” place for sensor and sensor systems technologies – research, development, commercialization, and application.

    Supporting Organizations