Qualifying Exam

Doctoral students must pass a Qualifying Examination before the Dissertation Director, the Interdisciplinary Committee, and the courses for the Plan of Study are selected. The objective of the Qualifying Examination is to determine if the student has sufficient engineering background to qualify for doctoral studies.

The Qualifying Examination includes a Mathematics portion and an Engineering portion. For the Mathematics portion, each student takes one of three different exams (see Appendix I). For the Engineering portion, each student first needs to choose a primary area of exam among the following seven major areas in the Department: Thermal Sciences, Solid Mechanics, Fluids, Dynamics and Vibration, Controls and Manufacturing, and Materials, and Systems and Industrial Engineering. The student then needs to choose a secondary area from the rest of six areas. Student is required to take exams in both areas, with the primary exams more substantial than the secondary ones.

Qualifying examination takes place each year on the dates determined by the coordinator of qualifying exam, usually at the end of September.

Download the Qualifying Exam Guidelines