Dr. Tirumalai S. Srivatsan

Dr. Tirumalai S. Srivatsan

Title: Professor Emeritus
Dept/Program: Mechanical Engineering
Office: ASEC 106C
Phone: 330-972-6196
Email: tsrivatsan@uakron.edu
Website: http://sites.google.com/site/tirumalaisrivatsan/
Resume: /engineering/docs/A Little about The Individual Sri-Srivatsan R1 April 14, 2019.pdf?language_id=1


Dr. T. S. Srivatsan ("Dr. Sri") finished his B.S in Mechanical Engineering from Bangalore University in 1980, and subsequently received his graduate degrees (M.S. in Aerospace Engineering ’81 and Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering ’84) from Georgia Institute of Technology. He specialized in fields synergizing all aspects related to processing, characterization and mechanical behavior of engineering, and engineered materials.

After receiving his PhD, Dr. Srivatsan worked in the position of Research Engineer at the Georgia Tech Research Institute and Instructor (part-time) at Georgia Institute of Technology and later as Lead Project Engineer and Manager of Research and Development at Materials Modification Inc. in Falls Church, Virginia.

During his tenure in an academic setting (1987-2019) he has edited/co-edited/authored 60 books and 4 monographs in areas cross-pollinating: 

  • Mechanical design
  • Processing and Fabrication of Advanced Materials
  • Deformation, Fatigue and Fracture of ordered Intermetallic Materials
  • Machining of Composites
  • Failure Analysis Technology of Rapid Solidification Processing of Materials, and
  • Additive Manufacturing of Materials: Innovations and Developments

Dr. Srivatsan joined the faculty in The Department of Mechanical Engineering at The University of Akron in August 1987. He currently holds the rank of Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.


Dr. Srivatsan’s research areas have over the years covered the following specific domains and/or sectors:

  • The fatigue and fracture behavior of advanced materials and structures to include: monolithic, intermetallic, nano-materials, and metal-matrix composites.
  • Environmental degradation of both engineering materials and engineered materials and structures; fondly referred to by the educated elite as corrosion.
  • Processing techniques for advanced materials and nanostructure materials.
  • Inter-relationship between processing and mechanical behavior of materials and resultant structure.
  • Electron microscopy.
  • Failure analysis.

His funding has come primarily from a cross-section of industries, both local and international, having interests and products specific to materials and manufacturing techniques, the State and Federal government, and is to the order of a few millions of dollars.

Dr. Srivatsan also serves as the co-editor of the international journal on Materials and Manufacturing Processes (published by Taylor & Francis Group., Philadelphia). He has held positions on the editorial review board of five other journals in the domains of materials science and engineering, and manufacturing processes. Through the years, his research efforts have enabled him to both prepare and deliver over 235 technical presentations in National and International meetings and symposia, technical/professional societies, and research and educational institutions.

Since receiving his doctoral degree, he has authored and/or co-authored over 700 archival publications in international journals (360), chapters in books (10), proceedings of national and international conferences (235), scholarly review of technical books in archival journals (79) and documented technical reports (75).

As on January 2019 his citation index (Google Scholar) “h” is 50 (highest in the College of Engineering at The University of Akron) and an RG score of 44.95 (to be ranked well within the top 2.5 percent of researchers spread through the world). Besides, he has to his credit the following:

  • Personally mentored, supervised and successfully graduated over 70 students at the graduate degree level (1987-2019)
  • Supervised three post-doctoral research scholars
  • Advised, supervised and mentored over 600+ students at the undergraduate level (1987-2018)

He offers his knowledge in research services to The U.S. Government (specifically, U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy), National Research Laboratories, and industries related to aerospace, automotive, power-generation, leisure-related products, and applied medical sciences.

Teaching and/or Instruction and Mentoring

During his tenure in the academic environment (initially at Georgia Institute of Technology and subsequently The University of Akron), he has instructed both undergraduate and graduate courses in the areas of:  Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering,    Mechanical Measurements,  Design of Mechanical Systems,  Mechanical Engineering Laboratory,  Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Processes, Mechanical Behavior of Materials and Structures, Fatigue of Engineering Materials and Structures, and Introduction to Fracture Mechanics. 

His instruction and teaching philosophy have provided the students enrolled in mechanical engineering and pursuing graduate degrees the much needed and desired stimulus for learning and appreciating both the need and importance of inter-disciplinary research and education in the emerging areas of Materials Science and Engineering and technology advancements into the nanoscale. 

Through the years, he has also supervised several senior design projects and a few honors projects for undergraduate students. These projects have enabled the undergraduate students to obtain practical hands-on experience while concurrently enriching their college experience and making them both desirable and much sought after for real world engineering.

At the same time through direct supervision, he has also encouraged, inspired and motivated the undergraduate students to pursue higher education in engineering through enrollment in graduate school, and to make the process of learning and education to be exciting, enduring, enlightening and empowering.  Excitement has resulted by providing the students a path for both simplifying and understanding the innate difficulty of the engineering subject. Adequate explanations have been provided to the student of appropriate examples related to industrial applications and occurrences in nature. This repeated reiteration has certainly enabled in both enhancing and enlightening the interests and desire of the student to learn. 

Through the years, Dr Srivatsan has willingly enabled the undergraduate student through their direct involvement and participation in ongoing research projects coupled with interactions with the graduate students and postdoctoral research scholars to learn about the advantages, benefits and value of higher education.

Recognition and Awards 

Based entirely on his accomplishments and achievements in the domains enveloping the scientific and related hemispheres of engineering and technology, Dr. Srivatsan has been chosen as:

  • Outstanding Young Alumnus (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1996)
  • Outstanding Research Faculty (College of Engineering at The University of Akron, 1997)

Considering his sustained contributions to the technical literature and its far-reaching implications and impact on furthering knowledge he was recognized as:

  • Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (F. ASME) 1998
  • Fellow of the American Society for Materials International (F. ASM) 2002
  • Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (F. AAAS) 2009

Commensurate with his dedicated, diligent and ceaseless service he was recognized with:

  • Louis Hill Award of College of Engineering for Exceptional Dedication and Service (The University of Akron, 2006)
  • Outstanding Research Faculty (The University of Akron, 2015)
  • Alexander M. Scott Outstanding Service Award (2016)
  • The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society 
  • Distinguished Member European Union Academy of Sciences (2016)
  • Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award (2018)

Dr. Srivatsan also has the distinct honor of being chosen, in recent years, for inclusion in: 

  • Elected to WHO's WHO in AMERICAN EDUCATION: 7th edition 2005-2006
  • Elected to WHO’s WHO in the MIDWEST 1992-2004
  • Elected to WHO’s WHO in TECHNOLOGY 1994-2004
  • Elected to WHO’s WHO in the WORLD: 23rd edition 2005-2006
  • Elected to WHO’s WHO in AMERICA: 59th edition 2005
  • Elected to WHO’s WHO in SCIENCE and ENGINEERING: 8th edition 2005
  • WHO’s WHO among AMERICA’s TEACHERS: 7th edition 2005 & 2006
  • WHO’s WHO among Executives and Professionals: Cambridge 2007
  • WHO’s WHO among Executives and Professionals: Cambridge 2009-2010
  • WHO’s WHO among Executives and Professionals: Cambridge 2011-2012
  • WHO’s WHO among Executives and Professionals: Cambridge 2015-2016
  • Leader and Professional “Honors Edition” Princeton Premier Registry 2007-2008
  • Elected to WHO’s WHO in AMERICA: 63rd edition (Marquis) 2010-2011
  • Elected to WHO’s WHO in AMERICA: 66th & 67th edition (Marquis) 2016-2018
  • Elected to WHO’s WHO in the WORLD 2018 (Marquis) 2018-2020


Ph.D. (ME), Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) 1984; M.S. (AE), Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) 1981; B.S. (ME), University of Bangalore (India) 1980.