The Akron Engineering Experience

Support the College of Engineering at The University of AkronThe College of Engineering produces some of the most sought-after, job-ready engineering graduates in the country. In recent years, the College of Engineering has captured national attention because of its increasing enrollment, research achievements and ability to produce creative and productive engineers.

At UA, you'll have many opportunities to gain hands-on experience. Watch these videos to hear students talk about their Akron Engineering Experience


Our Co-op Program provides is one of the oldest and best in the U.S. Students gain real-world, relevant experience while earning a bachelor's degree.

Biomedical engineering and mechanical engineering student Lindsey Montanari discusses the importance of the co-op experience to your engineering degree at The University of Akron.

Electrical engineering student Pierre Hall talks about his experience at The University of Akron, including his co-op education, making important connections with faculty and fellow students, and receiving a job offer before graduation.


Before graduation, every engineering student will apply the principles learned to conduct a senior capstone design project.

Senior engineering students demonstrate their Precision Pool Aid project, designed to help players locate and execute various billiard shots.

UA College of Engineering graduate Courtney Gras (2013) demonstrates the wireless-powered sensor network she developed with her Senior Design Project teammates Joseph Linton, John Quayle-Zimmer and Mbeleke Nguefack.

University of Akron engineering students demonstrate their senior design team project, a wireless audio-visualizer for use at clubs or parties.


We are proud of our students and alumni. Here's proof that your hard work pays off!

University of Akron graduate Philip Steele (2013, Electrical Engineering) describes what sets UA's College of Engineering apart from other schools he could have attended.


The experience our students can gain by participating in research helps connect academic studies to real-world challenges.

Electrical engineering student and co-founder of Design Flux Technologies Courtney Gras talks about her experience at The University of Akron, including the importance of getting involved in undergraduate research.

Biomedical engineering student and Goldwater Scholar Renee Calderon talks about her experience in undergraduate research in Dr. Yang Yun's lab at The University of Akron.


Our highly regarded student design teams allow students at all levels to apply classroom theory to a major design project.

Mechanical Engineering student Kevin Musial describes how participating on The University of Akron's race team prepares him for a successful engineering career.