As the state positions itself in the forefront of the technology, appropriately trained scientists and engineers are needed in all fields. Our graduate programs provide training that equips our students with the maturity and ability to assume leadership roles in technological fields related to the field of engineering. In addition, our programs attract a variety of students from several industries and NASA Glenn Research Center in Northeast Ohio. The College is a partner of the Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI).


Our graduates are treated as Colleagues in term of incorporating them in research early in their academic learning. Most of our doctoral graduates often produce high quality publications in professional journals. This leads them to a wide variety of opportunities. Several of our graduates are Professors, Researchers in industries, Scientists at government labs and in several engineering firms etc. The choice of placement of a student depends on the topic of the thesis. Most students who are placed in the Universities are trained to write research papers and in many cases participate in writing proposals. The students seek industrial settings, are often funded by grants from the industry thus enhancing their marketability to these and other industries. The same is true with federal laboratories such as NASA.


The mission of graduate education in the College of Engineering is to

  • Train engineers and scientists to solve state of the art technological issues.
  • Train student to develop theory, methodology and necessary experimental skills to investigate emerging issues in engineering and science that effect state and national interests.
  • Provide excellence in presenting their findings via theses, doctoral dissertations and research papers.
  • Where appropriate train students to be future educators.
  • Where appropriate train students in industrial research.
  • Where appropriate train students to work on interdisciplinary teams.