Ph.D. in Engineering Degree Requirements 

The total credit requirement for the Ph.D. in Engineering is 96 credits beyond the B.S. degree and 72 credits beyond the M.S. degree. Transfer credits are to be evaluated by the individual student’s Interdisciplinary Doctoral Committee (IDC) in conjunction with the formulation of a Plan of Study and must be consistent with the Graduate School guidelines.

Table 1

Ph.D. Coursework 48 credits (24 beyond M.S.)*
Ph.D. Research and Dissertation   48 credits
Total  96 credits

*Civil Engineering minimum coursework requirements are 45 credits


Prior to being accepted into the doctoral program, candidates must pass a departmental Qualifying Examination. The purpose of the Qualifying Examination is to identify the student’s strengths and weaknesses in order to better plan a course of study and to discourage those students without adequate background from continuing.

The Qualifying Examination includes a mathematics portion and an engineering portion. For the mathematics portion, each student takes one of three different exams. The Qualifying Examination consists of a minimum of two 3 hour written sessions plus other written or oral periods that the IDC may require. Students who do not pass the Qualifying Exam must retake the examination within one semester. A second failure of the Qualifying Exam will result in a review of the student’s record and overall performance by the Advisory Committee and the Director of Graduate Programs.

The Qualifying Examination takes place each year on the dates determined by the exam coordinator, usually at the end of September. Review the Plan of Study and handy Ph.D. checklist.


Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis. Application for admission and financial aid should be made through The Graduate School. What are you waiting for? Apply today!