How to get started

The engineering co-op program is structured into all nine disciplines. During the spring semester of your second year, the director of co-op programs will initiate your entrance into the co-op program. These details will help prepare you for your co-op:

Schedule of co-op work assignments

Fall Spring Summer
1st year Classes Classes Vacation/Classes
2nd year Classes Classes Possible Co-op
3rd year Classes Co-op I Classes
4th year Co-op II Classes Co-op III
5th year Classes Classes

Eligibility for Co-op

  • GPA must be at least 2.3
  • On-schedule in your curriculum
  • Acceptance to co-op program by Deanna Dunn, Co-op Coordinator

Steps to finding a co-op job

  1. Attend College of Engineering Co-op Education Orientation meeting
  2. Create a student file (bring in your yellow student information sheet, resume, highlighted curriculum outline, and photo id to the Co-op Office)
  3. Individual appointment with a co-op coordinator
  4. Attend interviewing skills workshops
  5. Co-op Office begins referring student credentials
  6. Interviews
  7. Acceptance of co-op position

Approaches to finding the right co-op job

  • On-campus interview with the company
  • Interview at plant location
  • Direct hire based on resume and recommendation
  • Previous arrangements with an employer
  • Student contact developed into a co-op opportunity
  • Engineering Career Fairs held in fall in spring semesters

Geographic Location

Students have a choice of accepting a co-op locally, elsewhere in Ohio, or out of state (we currently have over 23 states participating in the co-op program)

Average monthly salary

Co-op is a paid relevant experience. Current co-op monthly salaries range from $1,600-$2,800 per month.