Corrosion Engineering at UA

Big need for new field of corrosion engineering

Corrosion eats at bridges, bearings, buildings and other objects at an annual cost of about $400 billion annually.  

Go to the Corrosion Engineering home pageSpecialists versed in the practices of corrosion engineering can help reduce that cost significantly. As a result, they are increasingly in demand. For that reason, UA is launching a new undergraduate degree program in the field of corrosion and reliability engineering.

“Corrosion engineering, like other engineering disciplines, is the application of fundamental science to problems or challenges that involve personal safety, structural reliability, environmental impact and/or profit for a company,” says Dr. Edward Evans, associate professor of chemical engineering at UA.

“In corrosion engineering, we apply an understanding of materials and their interaction with the environment to structures that have length scales measured in millionths of an inch to kilometers. The program that we have put together at UA focuses on fundamentals and provides a substantial amount of engineering project management to the students."

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