Diverse Engineering: A Podcast

Diverse Engineering Podcast

The University of Akron's College of Engineering and Polymer Science Diverse Engineering podcast celebrates diverse engineering voices and stories from The University of Akron.

Our diversity and inclusion programs were launched to encourage more women and underrepresented students to become engineers as well as support students during their time at The University of Akron. 

Sponsorship funds and individual donations will be used to provide scholarships to underrepresented students pursuing engineering graduate degrees at UA.

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EbaNee Bond is a UA alumna who received her Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 2018. She is an IDEAs program alumna and a recent recipient of the Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce "30 for the Future" Award.

EbaNee is an authentic relationship builder and is enthusiastic about humanity’s potential to move society forward through innovation. She is deeply committed to realizing the dreams of her beloved community.