Engineering Tutoring Program: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kinds of services are available?
A: Walk-in services (individual tutoring), group tutoring sessions, appointment-based tutoring and study tables are available.

  • Walk-in services are available from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Thursday and from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Friday. No appointments are needed.

  • Group tutoring sessions are available for sophomore engineering classes, including Statics, Mechanics of Solids, Circuit, Dynamics, Equilibrium Thermodynamics, etc.

  • Appointment-based tutoring services are available in summer or assigned by the program director.
  • Study tables are offered to students who are taking Cal I, Cal II, Physics I and/or Chemistry I.

Q: Who could use the tutoring services?
A: The program is free to all students majoring in engineering.

Q: When should I seek a tutor?
A: Depending on your learning style, you could seek a tutor when you need help understanding concepts, when you need assistance understanding homework, when you need to prepare for a test, when you feel “lost” in a class and need to overcome the barriers, when you need to improve study skills… whenever you want. Start working with a tutor earlier – do NOT wait until the last minute to seek assistance.

Q: What to expect from a tutoring session?
A: Tutors will explain concepts, provide hints and check your understanding. You may feel that tutors are very friendly and care about your learning, but tutors will NOT do the work for you. Tutors will help you improve learning skills to succeed in the fields of engineering.

Q: What to bring to a tutoring session?
A: It is better for you to bring your textbook, supplementary materials, class notes, the syllabus, homework assignments, past tests, past quizzes, calculator, etc.

Q: What if I dislike the tutor who I am currently working with?
A: We always encourage our students to find a tutor with whom you feel comfortable. It is important to match your learning style to a tutor’s tutoring style. It is our hope to meet every student’s need. Please always feel free to share your concerns with the program director, Dr. Julie Zhao at 330-972-2823 or

Q: Should I use the tutoring services instead of getting help from my instructors?
A: Absolutely not! The instructors are the key to your learning and the best resource! We highly encourage you to make optimal use of in-class learning, instructors’ office hours, recitations and problem sessions. Keep in mind that our tutors also use your professors’ lecture notes and homework assignments as main references.

Q: Is it true that only students with poor performance use tutoring services?
A: No! It is absolutely not true. If you find yourself in this bind, try looking at tutoring in a positive way: as an opportunity to meet upper classmates who demonstrate academic excellence and want to share their experience with you.

Q: How do I become a tutor for the program?
A: If you have the following characteristics: successful academic record, reliability, positive outlook, enthusiasm, patience, an open mind and good communication skills, you should apply to become a tutor. Please contact Dr. Julie Zhao at 330-972-2823 or