Core Faculty

Rouzbeh Amini
Assistant Professor
Research: Experimental and computational multi-scale biomechanics in ocular, cardiovascular, and vaginal tissues

Brian L. Davis
Chair and Professor
Research: Biomechanics, medical instrumentation, diabetic foot ulceration, medical device design, rehabilitation engineering, gait analysis, Finite element modeling, Orthopedics, soft and hard tissue mechanics

James Keszenheimer
Professor of Engineering Practice
Commercialization Interests: Development and commercialization of biomedical instrumentation, medical device design, lasers and optical devices, spectroscopic techniques, sensor fusion, MEMS, and Optical Coherence Tomography

Yang Liu
Assistant Professor
Research: Optical instrumentation, translational research, intraoperative imaging, image-guided surgery, telemedicine, molecular imaging, and cost-effective medical devices

Lawrence Noble

Associate Professor of Practice, Associate Chair for Biomedical Engineering (Undergraduate)

Research: Biomechanics of human motion

Associate Professor
Research: Orthopaedic biomechanics and bone cell mechanobiology

Hossein Tavana
Associate Professor
Research: Develop novel microtechnologies to study cancer metastasis, respiratory drug delivery, and stem cells differentiation

Mary C. Verstraete
Associate Professor 
Research: Dynamic analysis of human movement (motion, force & EMG) for clinical and sports applications; Design processes for medical devices

Rebecca Kuntz Willits
Margaret F. Donovan Endowed Chair, Professor 
Research: Synthesis and characterization of scaffolds for tissue engineering, stem cells, and drug delivery; electrical stimulation for regenerative medicine

Yang H. Yun

Associate Professor, Graduate Advisor, Associate Chair for Biomedical Engineering (Graduate)
Research: Innovations in nanotechnology and nanomedicine to develop advanced therapeutics for cancer, cardiovascular disorders, and infectious diseases

Ge (Christie) Zhang
Associate Professor
Research: Cues to direct vascular and neuronal differentiation from stem cells; interaction between the vascular and nervous system; tissue engineering strategies to treat various cardiovascular diseases and neurological disorders

Joint Faculty

Matthew Becker
Associate Professor
Research: Synthesis of macromolecular materials, which stimulate and influence cell functions including proliferation, differentiation and internalization. 

Associate Professor

Research: Tissue engineering; hydrogel biomaterial scaffolds; adult stem cells; recombinant protein design and production; mechanobiology

Francis Loth
F. Theodore Harrington Professor
Research: Medical diagnostics, image processing, pattern recognition, nanophotonics, bioinspired sensors, optical diffused reflectance, miniaturization of clinical devices, molecular imaging

Ajay Mahajan

Research: Biomedical devices and instrumentation (spine, urology); ultrasonics, robotics and controls; intelligent systems; sensors

Jiang Zhe
Research: MEMS/NEMS and lab-on-a-chip devices, including micro/nano scale devices for bio-related applications, microfluidics and nanofuidics, smart materials and structures, and micro/nano actuators for bio applications, and novel micro/nano fabrication


Visiting Researchers

Marius Gudauskis

Gustavo Andrade


Visar Berki
Research Technician

Sandy Vasenda

Administrative Assistant 

Stephen Paterson
Engineering Technician Sr.