corrosion engineering students at The University of Akron

Corrosion Engineering Undergraduate Program

A degree as unique as you. The University of Akron offers the only corrosion engineering bachelor’s degree program in the country. Put your high level science and math skills to good use to excel in our program.

What is corrosion engineering?

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Project Management Skills

All chemical and corrosion engineering students take a series of one-credit courses called Project Management and Teamwork. Students work on teams to create a lab-based design project. The teams combine students of different grade levels. First year students and sophomores are expected to develop teamworking skills and contribute based on their interests and experience. The juniors take on increased responsibility as group leaders, while the seniors manage the project, train team members, and help their teammates complete their tasks.

Past projects have included developing a water treatment system for third world countries and reducing corrosion in residential water lines. Each project has multiple components including technical development, economics, marketing and customer voice, and product and process safety.

Career Opportunities

Corrosion engineers research and develop methods to lower the environmental impact to prevent a collapse or failure of roadways, bridges, power plants, windmills, manufacturing plants and pipelines.

Corrosion engineers also design new materials and structures that will address emerging needs in a variety of industries including energy, chemical processing and pharmaceuticals.

We have placed graduates at companies including BP, Marathon Petroleum Corporation, Philips 66, and Newport News Shipbuilding.

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Skills & Interest

Students that have a strong foundation in AP physics, AP chemistry, and calculus do well in our program. Also, if you have an interest in sustainability and making communities safer, this field is for you. 

A day in the life...

Corrosion Engineering student

Hear from Helen Nee, a senior corrosion engineering major, as she takes you through a typical day as a student at UA.

Corrosion Engineer on the job

Hear from UA corrosion graduate, Madeline Lee '19, as she explains what she does as a corrosion engineer.

Admission requirements

All students who meet the minimum requirements for admittance into The University of Akron and intend to major in corrosion engineering are accepted into the program.

If you are coming directly from high school, your high school records determine which first semester classes are right for you.

Curriculum guides & courses

The undergraduate corrosion engineering degree includes the traditional science and engineering course of study along with the fundamentals of corrosion engineering. The curriculum also integrates a unique set of management courses, co-op experiences and corrosion technology that will prepare our graduates to immediately enter the workforce as contributing members of project teams. Students learn the fundamental and applied aspects of aqueous and high temperature corrosion.

National Center for Education and Research on Corrosion and Materials Performance (NCERCAMP)

Located on campus and the only one of its kind, NCERCAMP provides students with hands-on opportunities to help industry and government agencies improve material performance, mitigate the effects of corrosion and manage risk through sponsored research, technical service, education and training.


The BS in Corrosion Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,, under the commission’s General Criteria. The program has specific educational objectives and student outcomes that prepare graduates to enter the professional practice of corrosion engineering.

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