Annual Summer Graduate Fellowships

There will be two prestigious summer graduate fellowships annually available, which will financially support the selected graduate students at $2,500 each. Please send application package by April 1 to

Graduate Fellowship Committee
Dept. of Civil Engineering
University of Akron


Nominees must be current full-time graduate students, must be nominated by his/her adviser, and have not received this Fellowship before.

Minimum requirements

At least one peer-reviewed journal article finished at UA and co-authored with the student’s advisor. The journal has to be well accepted in the student’s field of research. This article should be published or at least be accepted for publication.

Package checklist

  • A nomination letter from the student’s advisor (with statements on the student’s graduate studies, key research contributions, and current financial support situation);
  • A detailed current resume of the student being nominated;
  • One or more journal articles authored or co-authored by the students;
  • Other possible supporting materials.