Akron Engineering Tribology Laboratory

The Akron Engineering Tribology Laboratory (AETL) provides a learning environment for students to develop problem solving skills to address industrial friction and wear (tribology) problems.


  • Conducts industry standard and cutting-edge testing as a means to train students and solve compelling industrial problems.
  • Connects exemplary students with post-graduation career opportunities while they are on-campus.

The AETL is open for “business” and welcomes opportunities to work on important and challenging tribology problems.

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Dr. Christopher DellaCorte
Director, Akron Engineering Tribology Laboratory (AETL)
Timken Endowed Professor of Mechanical Engineering
The University of Akron
264 Wolf Ledges Parkway, Room 311B
Akron, OH 44325-0406

Office: 330-972-7713
Mobile: 330-419-2812
Email: cdellacorte@uakron.edu