Industry Partnerships

The College of Engineering and Polymer Science is committed to working with our industrial partners to address their most pressing research questions. Through the expertise of our faculty, staff, and students, we are leading the way in such areas as advanced vehicles, fuel cell technology, and transportation infrastructure. Find out how you can be part of these and other exciting areas together with us.

Sponsor Research

Learn about the research interests of faculty, sponsor ongoing research, and contract research at the UA. Contact the departments and/or individual faculty to learn about our research capabilities. The University of Akron Research Foundation is the single point of contact for the administration of research contracts.

License Innovative Technology

The UA research portfolio is among the most productive in the nation. For more information, contact UA's Office of Technology Transfer.

Provide Continuing Education

We offer noncredit courses as well as professional development and recertification programs for engineers and technical professionals. Contact the office of Workforce Development & Continuiung Education for more information.

Support Faculty, Students and Facilities

You can make an impact when you give to the College of Engineering and Polymer Science.

Recruit Students and Alumni

Learn more about recruiting opportunities, cooperative education, and career fairs.

Tour Campus, Laboratories, and Facilities

Find out about visiting the College and get maps, bus, driving and parking information. To arrange a campus visit contact The University of Akron College of Engineering and Polymer Science at 330-972-6978.