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What is Zip to Engineering?

The Zip to Engineering program is focused on offering important, sophomore-level engineering courses to students in an on-line way to increase access to these courses for students from other institutions.  "introduction to Mechanics of Solids" will be offered in the Spring 2017 semester, with other courses to follow in the future.

Who is Zip to Engineering For?

The Zip to Engineering program is available to anyone who meets the specific course pre-requisites (for “Introduction to Mechanics of Solids”, this would be passing a course in “Engineering Statics”).  Some cohorts of students may have particular interest in the Zip to Engineering program, such as students who are at a two-year pre-engineering (or technology) program and are looking to transfer to a 4-year B.S. engineering program (like The University of Akron), for any engineering student who needs to complete this course and it is not offered during the current semester at their home institution, for engineering students on a co-op/internship for a semester and want to enroll in an on-line course that meets degree requirements, etc.

Get Started with Mechanics of Solids

Ready to get started? Check out our Introduction to Mechanics of Solids course. This 3-credit, fully online course will help you “Zip” to your B.S. engineering degree!


Ready to Enroll?

Ready to get started with Zip to Engineering? Just follow the steps below to apply online as a guest student and get enrolled.

  1. Apply to UA as a Guest Student
  2. Be admitted to UA as a guest student
  3. Email our Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs to be enrolled in Mechanics of Solids
  4. Request permission from your current institution for transient student status*

* Students attending a different institution may need to request transient student status in order to ensure the credits transfer back to their home institution.

Still have a question?

Do you still have a question about the program? Want to see if Zip to Engineering is a good fit for you? Use the link below to email our Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs for additional information.

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