English Composition 112

Students who sign up for a computer lab section of English Composition 112 will have the opportunity to explore and develop arguments through both written essays and multimodal projects that incorporate text, sound, and images.  For the multimodal project, students will use a variety of digital technologies to create video PSAs or short films that convey their research and persuasive skills.  After creating the project, students will write an analysis of their work that explains how they used text, sound, and images to inform and persuade given their particular topic, audience, purpose, and context.  This course will prepare students to develop arguments that will work in their classes, in their careers, and in their communities.

English Department Computer Labs

The English Department First-Year Composition Program offers many of its English Composition II courses in two computer labs located on the third floor of Olin Hall. Here students have the opportunity to use the computers in the labs for their English assignments and end-of-semester multi-modal projects.

Open labs are available for English Composition students to work on their papers or projects. A lab tech is always there to answer questions.