English Dual Credit Credentialing Module

The University of Akron's Dual Credit Credentialing Module offers a cohesive set of coursework for high school English teachers who wish to meet the credentialing standard for dual-credit instructors in the state of Ohio. Our online credentialing module forms a foundation for the teaching of general education courses in both Composition and Literature, providing 18 hours of coursework in the discipline for those teachers who already have or are working toward Master's degrees. Classes are offered through web-based instruction by experienced professors. No travel to campus is required.

REQUIREMENTS: Participants must have a Master's Degree in Education or other subject area, or they must be actively enrolled in an Education Master's program, in UA's MA in English program, or the NEOMFA.

CONTACT: Professor Hillary Nunn, The University of Akron, nunn@uakron.edu