Graduate assistantships in the Department of English are awarded on a competitive basis. Most of our graduate assistants are teaching assistants, taking full classroom responsibility for one section of composition per semester. Some graduate assistants may work in the campus Writing Lab.


Applications for both fall and spring appointments will be accepted until February 1. Students may renew twice, for a total of three years of support.

Submission Guidelines

Along with the application form and letter of application, applicants for assistantships must submit a clean copy of a writing sample in the form of a typed essay completed in a college course (5-10 pages), and two letters of recommendation. Scores from the Graduate Record Examination are not required. Please email all materials directly to the Graduate Coordinator in care of the English Department.


Graduate assistants must enroll as full-time graduate students (9 credit hours per semester). They may not be employed outside the university for more than 8 hours per week. Teaching assistants are required to attend a one-week pre-term orientation, take a teaching practicum, and teach one section of composition per semester.

Other Graduate Assistantships

Other nonacademic departments on campus may have teaching assistantship positions as well. For a list, please see Other Graduate Assistantships.