General Technology

The General Technology Area supports all programs in the Department of Engineering and Science, as well as other Departments at the University of Akron.
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Corrosion Technology Certificate: 

The Corrosion Technology Certificate is available to any major but is specifically designed for Engineering Technology or Engineering majors.  The objective of this certificate is to enhance student knowledge of the fundamentals of corrosion technology including forms of corrosion, types of corrosive environments, material selection, corrosion control, testing, monitoring, and treatment.  Students are required to complete courses in the areas of corrosion, chemistry, circuits, and materials/devices to earn the certificate.  Contact Professor Lori Kraft  for more information.


  • Susan Ramlo, Ph.D., Professor
  • Lori A. Kraft, M.S., Associate Professor

General Technology includes three (3) main areas:

  • Chemistry
  • Technical Physics
  • Software applications & computer programming

Additional information may be obtained by calling the Engineering & Science Technology Department at 330-972-7051 or contacting CAST Advising Services.