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Teaching requires the dedication of a large amount of time to planning and the creation of material that will assist in the learning of each student. The following pages will assist in resources that are available to help each teacher gain the most they can from each of their classrooms.

  1. Community Resources: There are several different resources and agencies that can be found around the Akron area. There are several non-profit organizations for ones to serve at such as Child Guidance and Family Solutions, Hudson Community Service Association, the Akron YMCA, and United Disability Services. Getting involved in the community is an important step, and here is a list of helpful links that will help you along the way.
  2. Glossary of Education Terms: In teaching jobs, there are several different key words and terms that teachers need to know. In this glossary we have provided you with a link to a website that has a “dictionary of educational jargon.” The dictionary includes words such as anecdotal records, brainstorming, cooperative learning, differentiated instruction, elaboration, fluency, gifted students, intrinsic motivation, knowledge, laws of learning, manipulatives, naturalistic intelligence, objectives, portfolio assessments, remediation, stimulus, taxonomy, visual special intelligence, and wait time. This dictionary is a great resource to refresh the memories of teachers on key words that they will need to know.
  3. Free Resources for Teachers: When making lesson plans and planning class activities, it’s important to have a wide range of creative ideas. These links provide several different ideas and free resources for teachers to use in their classrooms. Also, saving money is extremely important for teachers. These free resources insure that teachers can do just that.