The Arts

The following resources are useful for Arts courses of all ages and grade levels.

  1. The Getty's Art Education Web Site
  2. Incredible Art Department
  3. Art Online Resources at Education Index
  4. Drama and Theater Lesson Plans
  5. Dance Education Web
  6. Lesson Plan: Memorial Day Flag
  7. Lesson Plan: Maracas Celebrate Cinco de Mayo
  8. Lesson Plan: Zig Zag Zinnia
  9. National Museum of American History
  10. Kinder Art Resources
  11. Artworks
  12. The Teacher's Guide: Art
  13. LessonPlansPage: Art
  14. The Kennedy Center: ArtsEdge
  15. EDSITEment: Art and Culture Lesson Plans
  16. Education World: The Arts
  17. Lesson Plans: Getty Museum
  18. LessonPlansPage: Art
  19. Smithsonian Education: Art & Design
  20. Story Telling Lesson Plans and Activities
  21. TeacherServe
  22. Teach-nology: Art and Humanities
  23. YouTube: ARTSplash!
  24. YouTube: Teaching Flute to the Remedial Band Student/ Novice
  25. YouTube: The dark genius of Caravaggio
  26. YouTube: A Tribute to Vincent Van Gogh
  27. YouTube: Death in the Rijksmuseum
  28. YouTube: Secondary Art Education GS3 (part 1)
  29. YouTube: Art Education 2.0
  30. YouTube: Cairo Museum
  31. The Art Junction
  32. M.U.S.I.C. - Musicians United for Songs in the Classroom
  33. Online Music Theory Helper
  34. World Wide Arts Resource
  35. Freer/Sackler: The Smithsonian's Museums of Asian Art