The Arts

The following resources are useful for Arts courses of all ages and grade levels.

  1. The Getty's Art Education Web Site
  2. Incredible Art Department
  3. Education Index:  Art Essays
  4. Drama and Theater Lesson Plans
  5. Dance Education Web
  6. Lesson Plan: Memorial Day Flag
  7. Lesson Plan: Maracas Celebrate Cinco de Mayo
  8. Lesson Plan: Zig Zag Zinnia
  9. National Museum of American History
  10. Kinder Art Resources
  11. Artworks
  12. The Teacher's Guide: Art
  13. LessonPlansPage: Art
  14. The Kennedy Center: ArtsEdge
  15. EDSITEment: Art and Culture Lesson Plans
  16. Education World: The Arts
  17. Lesson Plans: Getty Museum
  18. LessonPlansPage: Art
  19. Smithsonian Education: Art & Design
  20. Story Telling Lesson Plans and Activities
  21. TeacherServe
  22. Teach-nology: Art and Humanities
  23. YouTube: ARTSplash!
  24. YouTube: Teaching Flute to the Remedial Band Student/ Novice
  25. YouTube: The dark genius of Caravaggio
  26. YouTube: A Tribute to Vincent Van Gogh
  27. YouTube: Death in the Rijksmuseum
  28. YouTube: Secondary Art Education GS3 (part 1)
  29. YouTube: Art Education 2.0
  30. YouTube: Cairo Museum
  31. The Art Junction
  32. M.U.S.I.C. - Musicians United for Songs in the Classroom
  33. World Wide Arts Resource
  34. Freer/Sackler: The Smithsonian's Museums of Asian Art