Language Arts

The following resources are useful for Language Arts courses of all ages and grade levels.

  1. Education World: Language Arts Ideas
  2. VDOE: Lesson Ideas for Reading in Middle School
  3. "Figures of Speech" Image
  4. English Learners: Idioms & Proverbs with the Word "Cat"
  5. EducationWorld: Eating Up Idioms
  6. Similies - What Are They?
  7. Simile Explanation and Examples
  8. Simile: "Love like a Star" Comic Image
  9. Simile Color Poems and Assignment Ideas
  10. ProTeacher Community: Teaching Similies
  11. Metaphor "Good News" Comic Image
  12. JumpStart: Reading Activities
  13. Middle School English Resources
  14. English Skills and Activities
  15. EducationWorld: Language Arts
  16. National Council of Teachers of English
  17. College Board: AP English Languages and Literature
  18. AP English Resources
  19. Lesson Plan: Writing about Teen Stress
  20. Lesson Plan: Writing Process for Informative Non-fiction Research Papers
  21. Lesson Plan: Caps for Sale
  22. Lesson Plan: Ten Important Words
  23. Lesson Plan: Femininity and Masculinity - Gender Issues
  24. Awesome Library - Language Arts
  25. Discover School: Literature
  26. EducationWorld: Language and Literature
  27. Mona Foundation: Language Arts
  28. Smithsonian Education: Language Arts
  29. TeachNet: Language Arts
  30. Teach-nology: Language Arts
  31. Teach-nology: Literature
  32. Children's Literature Web Guide
  33. Colorin' Colorado
  34. Database of Children's Award Winning Literature
  35. Free Online Dictionaries
  36. The Encyclopedia Mythica
  37. High School Journalism
  38. Library of Congress Information System
  39. LibrarySpot
  40. Spelling It Right
  41. Web English Teacher: General Poetry Resources
  42. Literature Learning Guides
  43. Primary resources for English Non-fiction reading
  44. Non Fiction Book List
  45. Introducing Non-Fiction Reading
  47. PoetryFoundation
  48. Edsitement:  Language Arts Lesson Plans