Physical Education

The following resources are useful for Health and Physical Education courses of all ages and grade levels.

  1. Physical Education Lesson Plans
  2. PE Central: The Health and Physical Education Website for Teachers
  3. Health and Life Skills Guide to Implementation:
  4. Lesson Plan: Physical Fitness Tests
  5. Lesson Plan: Physical Education Rules
  6. Lesson Plan: Writing about Teen Stress
  7. Education World: PE Lesson Ideas
  8. PE Central: Lesson Ideas for PE
  9. Variety of Lessons for PE
  10. PE for Preschool and Elementary Grades
  11. 223 PE Lesson Ideas
  12. PE Game Ideas
  13. Research-based PE for Early Childhood
  14. Research-based PE for Elementary Grades
  15. Research-based PE for Middle School
  16. TeachersNet PE Lessons
  17. Resource Magazine for PE Teachers
  18. Teach-nology: PE - Warm ups, Athletic Skills, Field Days, etc
  19. PE Central: Integrated Lesson Using PE
  20. Primary PE
  21. Teach PE and Coach
  22. EdHelper: Health
  23. EducationWorld: PE and Health Center
  24. Health, Nutrition, PE & Sexuality Education Lesson Plans:
  25. Lesson Planet: Health
  26. PE Central: Lesson Plans
  27. Physical Education Lesson Plans Page
  28. TeachNet Lesson Plans: Physical Education
  29. Teach-nology: Health
  30. Teach-nology: PE
  31. Sports Media