Physical Education

The following resources are useful for Health and Physical Education courses of all ages and grade levels.

  1. Physical Education Lesson Plans
  2. PE Central: The Health and Physical Education Website for Teachers
  3. Health and Life Skills Guide to Implementation:
  4. Lesson Plan: Physical Fitness Tests
  5. Lesson Plan: Physical Education Rules
  6. Lesson Plan: Writing about Teen Stress
  7. Education World: PE Lesson Ideas
  8. PE Central: Lesson Ideas for PE
  9. Variety of Lessons for PE
  10. PE for Preschool and Elementary Grades
  11. 223 PE Lesson Ideas
  12. PE Game Ideas
  13. TeachersNet PE Lessons
  14. Resource Magazine for PE Teachers
  15. Teach-nology: PE - Warm ups, Athletic Skills, Field Days, etc
  16. PE Central: Integrated Lesson Using PE
  17. Primary PE
  18. Teach PE and Coach
  19. EdHelper: Health
  20. EducationWorld: PE and Health Center
  21. Health, Nutrition, PE & Sexuality Education Lesson Plans:
  22. Lesson Planet: Health
  23. PE Central: Lesson Plans
  24. Physical Education Lesson Plans Page
  25. TeachNet Lesson Plans: Physical Education
  26. Teach-nology: Health
  27. Teach-nology: PE
  28. Sports Media