The following resources are useful for Science courses of all ages and grade levels.

    1. National Science Teachers Association: Science & Education Resources
    2. Science Education for Teachers: Professional Development
    3. Amazing Middle School Science Resources
    4. Free Online Science Resources for Kids
    5. Education World: Science
    6. The Teacher's Guide Science Resources
    7. SCORE Science Teachers Area
    8. PBS Teacher Source: Science Lesson Plans
    9. High School Lesson Plans on Global Health
    10. Science Teachers' Resource Center
    11. CollegeBoard: AP Biology Course Home Page
    12. AP Environmental Resource Links
    13. CollegeBoard: AP Environmental Science Course Homepage
    14. Access Excellence: National Health Museum
    15. BioEd Online
    16. UC Berkeley: Multiverse
    17. Cornell University Science & Arts Gateway for Education (SAGE)
    18. Lesson Plans: Discovery Education
    19. Education World: Science Center
    20. Exploratorium: Hands On Activities
    21. Lesson Planet: Science

Lesson Plans: Insects - Iowa State Entomology Index

  1. Middle School Science
  2. Mona Foundation: Science
  3. NASA for Educators
  4. NASA Teaching Materials
  5. National Science Digital Library
  6. National Science Foundation: Classroom
  7. PBS: American Field Guide
  8. Physics Education Technology
  9. Physical Sciences K-8 Topics and Units
  10. Science and Mathematics Initiative for Learning Enhancement:
  11. Science Spot: Science Classroom
  12. SCORE Science Lessons
  13. Smithsonian Education
  14. Teach-nology: Science
  15. The USGS and Science Education
  16. YouTube: Rubber Hand Illusion
  17. YouTube: Is this the theory of everything?
  18. YouTube: The World of Chemistry
  19. YouTube: Physics of Superheroes 1 - Death of Gwen Stacy
  20. YouTube: Physics of Baseball
  21. YouTube: Meiosis
  22. YouTube: Heart Dissection from Virtual Frog Dissection
  23. YouTube: How to build a simple electric motor
  24. YouTube: Chemistry Experiment 2 - Colored Flask
  25. YouTube: DNA Replication Process
  26. YouTube: Classification Rap
  27. YouTube: Naked Science - Birth of the Solar System
  28. Discovery Science
  29. Environmental Literacy Council
  30. How Stuff Works