Social Studies

The following resources are useful for Social Studies courses of all ages and grade levels.

  1. Middle School Social Studies Resources: Resources for Students, Teachers & Parents
  2. Education World: History
  3. Education World: Social Science
  4. Kids in the House: Middle School Teaching Resources
  5. The Teacher's Guide: Social Studies Lesson Plans
  6. Social Studies Lesson Plans and Resources
  7. SCORE: History / Social Science
  8. Lessons and Projects from the Library of Congress
  9. PBS Teacher Source: Social Studies Lesson Plans
  10. AP U.S. History
  11. College Board: AP U.S. History Subjects & College Board Tests
  12. AP World History Teaching Units
  13. Lesson Plan: Anticipation Guide - African Savannah
  14. Lesson Plan: Ten Important Words
  15. Lesson Plan: Memorial Day Flag
  16. Lesson Plan: Writing Process for Informative Non-Fiction Research Papers
  17. National Museum of American History
  18. Calisphere: A World of Digital Resources
  19. Center for Economic Education
  20. Civics Online
  21. CNN Student News
  22. Council for Economic Education
  23. Geography
  24. Lesson Plans: Education World - History
  25. Lesson Plans: Education World - Social Science
  26. The History Channel: Classroom
  27. The Dynamic Legislative Process: Indiana University Center on Representative Government
  28. Lesson Planet: Geography
  29. Lesson Planet: Social Studies
  30. Library of Congress: American Memory
  31. The Mint
  32. Multicultural Pavilion: Teacher's Corner
  33. National Archives
  34. National Council on Economic Education
  35. National History Education Clearinghouse
  36. PBS: People's Century
  37. SCORE History: Social Studies
  38. Smithsonian Education: History and Culture
  39. TeacherServe
  40. Teaching with Historic Places
  41. Teach-nology: Social Studies
  42. US Census Bureau
  43. World History for Us All: Teaching Units
  44. World History Sources: Teaching Resources
  45. Xpeditions: National Geographic Lesson Plans Matrix
  46. 100 Best YouTube: Animated Bayeux Tapestry
  47. 100 Best YouTube: Surviving the Holocaust - Yaakov Hollander's Story
  48. 100 Best YouTube: Computer History Museum
  49. 100 Best YouTube: Civil War Reenactment
  50. 100 Best YouTube: Fall of the Berlin Wall
  51. 100 Best YouTube: How to Make a Mummy
  52. The Best History Sites
  53. Biography Channel
  54. CapWeb
  55. EyeWitness to History
  56. The Food Timeline
  57. The History Channel Website
  58. History House
  59. Map Machine
  60. Project Vote-Smart
  61. Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust
  62. Women's History Home Page
  63. Edsitement: Social Studies