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Professional Development

For Teachers Professional Development is an important tool for individuals in all careers because it fosters updated understanding to the newest strategies in one's profession. It could be argued that this is most important in the teaching field. The pages below link to multiple avenues in which to find Professional Development.

  1. For Teachers: The links on this page guide you to webpages, sites and organizations that provide professional development resources for teachers. Teachers can join organizations; partake in seminars and session that provide great learning opportunities to better help them teach. There are also softwares and materials to use in the classroom.
  2. Online Professional Development: Each link on this page provides resources for teachers to use in a specific field, such as media, math, science and more. There are also seminars and session that provide great information on new teaching strategies. These links provide great resources to an ever-changing world.
  3. Inspiration: The YouTube videos showcase the purpose of teaching and what teachers do. These are videos for teachers to gain inspiration to motivate them to be the best that they themselves can be.
  4. How-Tos and Guides: Each YouTube video provides great information on how to deal with common issues that teachers face. From dealing with child behavior to diversifying the classrooms, these videos give great examples to how to handle these situations.
  5. Grants and Grant Writing: This page gives links to utilizing grants for teachers, how and where to search for grants and how to write grants. It also provides some links that would benefit teachers as well as the field of education.