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Student Teaching Resources

UA Student Teaching Program Information Student teaching may very well be the toughest semester in the teaching program. However, the information gleaned is quite possibly the most important also. Use the pages linked below to learn about the The University of Akron program and other useful information during this exciting time in the program.

  1. UA Student Teaching Program Information: Student teaching is the final step that an education major has to take before they graduate. The first link is a direct link to the Office of Student Teaching and Field Experience page that contains general information that one must need to have before student teaching. The second link is to the Ohio Department of Education website that outlines statements/and or illustrations of what students, teachers, schools, and districts should know and be able to do. The third link is a direct link to the list of things that one needs to have in order to apply for student teaching at The University of Akron.
  2. Ohio Department of Education Content Standards: Found here is a list standards from the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) website. They include general things such as all academic standards that everyone is expected to follow, as well as specific library, mathematics, technology, early learning, language arts, fine arts, foreign languages, international education, physical education, science, and social studies standards. Each section outlines the standards that a teacher should exhibit.
  3. Career Management: The links on this page are all helpful links to teach students about writing resumes, writing curriculum vitae, international teaching jobs, and many more. All of these links contain very important information for teachers when it comes to starting out their career.
  4. Licensure: These links will take you to the Ohio Department of Education website where it will give important information on obtaining your license. Found here is helpful information on both receiving your license and renewing your license.
  5. Applying for Student Teaching at The University of Akron: The links under this section cover a wide variety of areas. There is information on registering for the Ohio Assessment for Educators (OAE) exam, edTPA, career management information, and assessment of dispositions. There is also a link to the University of Akron’s student teaching handbook that includes things such as how to write lesson plans, objectives of student teaching, expectations of student teachers and cooperating teachers, and OAE evaluation criteria.